CNC sheet metal working

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Welcome to the website of the company BAST

BAST means complex CNC sheet metal working and production of sheet metal parts. The company BAST was established in 1991 and nowadays employs 190 staff members. We offer our services and capacities for the customers from the sectors of production for rail vehicles, general and el. engineering.

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The company Bast has at its disposal the total manufacturing area of 24.000 m2; the quality control system pursuant to ISO 9001 has been introduced in 1996; the quality control system in the welding sector pursuant to EN 15085 and ISO 3834 has been introduced in 1999.

Without the quality control systems it would not be possible to manage operation on CNC machines for sheet metal working effectively and to deliver the following for the customers:
  • welded sheet metal elements
  • sheet metal guards
  • special switchboard cubicles for the sector or rail vehicles and general engineering.
High-quality workmanship of the municipal street furniture and components and products for the municipal street furniture also goes without saying, because it guarantees long service life and high mechanical resistance of the delivered components. We have extended services offered by our company by gluing and pasting parts and prepare certification of the system pursuant to DIN 6701.
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