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LASER BEAM WELDING with digital camera positioning

LASER BEAM WELDING with digital camera positioning
The most effective and up to date solution for your challenging applications.
  • Heat invasion in very short time interval
  • High sped and high welding accuracy
  • Very small heat-affected zone
  • Possible welding of difficult-to-weld materials
  • Weld seam quality complying to EN standards requirements
  • High visual quality of surface, following mechanical finishing is not necessary
  • Welding possible also in very pure accessible limited space areas

Process description 

  • Melted bath is created by concentrated light beam, which can be focused to very small space up to 0,5 mm.
  • Welding process is performed without filler, only by melting of base materials.
  • The weld seam can be protected by shielding gas.
  • Laser beam is generated in central solid-state source and transmitted by optical cables which allows positioning of welding head to any position and welding from distance of 0,2 m without contact with material.
  • There is possible to weld materials with wall thicknesses starting from tenth of millimetres up to 6mm.
  • The process is most effective by welding of austenitic low-alloyed steels but welding of other steels, aluminium, non-ferrous materials and alloys is possible too.

Seams examples 

Příklady aplikací

Working palce pametres 

Laser power: 4kW ( TruDisk 4002, solid-state )
Tracing, path correction: optical, digital camera
Welding spots No.: 2x revolving H-tables with robotic arm, 2x additional outputs for special applications
Workpiece dimensions: 2000 x 1600 x 800 mm
Base material thickness: 0,5 ÷ 6mm
Workpiece weight: max. 1000kg

Download resentation of laser welding with optical guidance
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