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Personal data protection

Your approval
By using this website you agree with conditions of this Statement of Privacy. Whenever you release information through this website, you agree with collection, use and disclosure of the information in question in conformity with this Statement of Privacy.
Actively released information
Certain parts of this website may request information from you to be able to contact you (e-mail and/or phone contact, name or trade name of the company). You will be informed what information is requested and what is optional.
Passively released information
When moving on the web presentation, certain information can be collected passively (i.e. obtained without its active release from your side), by using different technologies, like cookies, JavaScript measuring systems (Google Analytics) and standard login on the server side.
Your browser transfers certain of the shown anonymous information to this website automatically, e.g. web portal URL, you have just left and your address of the internet protocol (IP), as well as the browser version currently used by your computer. This portal can also collect anonymous information from your computer through the cookies. You can set your browser so that it will inform you after the cookie was sent or can reject cookies at all, nevertheless certain parts of this portal do not need to work without the cookies. 
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