CNC sheet metal working
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Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Welded and assembled boxes, cabinets, carts, trolleys, chassis, frames and carcasses for el. engineering industry, health care, building machines.
Servisní vozík pro osazovací linky
Service trolley for placement systems and automatic machines in the el. engineering industry. The trolley is made of steel sheet, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic and is fitted by other components.
Vybavení nemocničních pokojů - vozíky
Equipment of hospital rooms, medical offices and other facilities in the health industry: boxes, trolleys, tables, shelves, hospital beds.
Podvozky, rámy a skříně strojů
Chassis, frames and bodies for civil engineering, building industry, concrete pumps and mixers.



Chassis 3
Chassis 1
Chassis 2
Chassis 4


Box 1
Box 2
Box 3


Welded element 1
Welded element 2
Welded element 3


Frame 1
Frame 2
Frame 3

Technological units

Technological units 1
Technological units 2
Technological units 3
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