CNC sheet metal working
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Products for rail vehicles



Switchboard boxes made of steel, stainless steel and aluminium 

We manufacture welded sheet metal cabinets of miscellaneous material and design. Different technologies are applied for manufacture. We are speaking about the cabinets for switchboards, voltage converters. security components, battery boxes, etc. Steel, stainless and aluminum sheet metal is used as the basic material.  
Production technologies are as follows: laser cutting, bending, welding, riveting, painting, coating and mounting. Applied welding methods: MAG, MIG, WIG, laser welding and resistance spot welding. Use of the cabinets – both in the interior and in the exterior, incl. the cabinets suspended under the chassis.
Switchboard box 1
Switchboard box 2
Switchboard box 3

Other cabinets

Other cabinets, like control panels, vent boxes, air conditioning boxes, air ducts, etc. The boxes and cabinets are of different surface finish: powder coating, wet coating, galvanizing.
Other boxes

Other weldmens

The following different welded subassemblies belong among the other weldments: frames for pressure air supplies, hydraulic distribution lines, sand blasters, supporting structural components of chassis frames. We also manufacture handles and holding system components made of bent tubes, seat brackets, partition walls, etc.
Other welded components 1
Other welded components 2
Other welded components 3

Water tanks

Water tank 1
Water tank 2
Water tank 3
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